Tuition Assistance

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Tuition Assistance: A program designed to provide financial assistance to employees taking educational courses at an accredited college or university.

Other Words for Assistance

Assistance Noun Synonyms: help, aid, support, succor, backing, reinforcement, relief, benefit

Other Words for Tuition

Tuition Noun Synonyms: education, teaching, tutelage, training, schooling, instruction, guidance, preparation

Section 521 Rental Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Section 521 Rental Assistance: Rental assistance authorized under Section 521 of the Housing Act of 1949. Owners of housing financed under Section 515 or Section 514 may receive rental assistance payments from the Rural Housing Ser MORE

Stewart B. Mckinney Homeless Assistance Act

Business / Agriculture / Stewart B. Mckinney Homeless Assistance Act: P.L. 100-77 (July 22, 1987). Enacted in response to concerns about increasing hunger, homelessness, and unemployment, this Act provided federal funding to support housing, food assistance, and job tra MORE

Sunflower Oil Assistance Program (SOAP)

Business / Agriculture / Sunflower Oil Assistance Program (SOAP): Along with the Cottonseed Oil Assistance Program (COAP), SOAP was one of two programs under which bonuses were awarded to exporters of U.S. vegetable oil to assist in exports to targeted markets. The MORE

Section 4 General Or Basic Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Section 4 General Or Basic Assistance: This refers to the section of National School Lunch Act requiring the federal government to subsidize all lunches served through the school lunch program, regardless of the income of the participant. MORE

Section 11 Special Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Section 11 Special Assistance: This refers to the section of National School Lunch Act that provides additional cash reimbursements (or so-called special assistance payments) for free lunches and reduced price lunches to children f MORE

529 Prepaid Tuition Plan

Business / Taxes / 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan: With a prepaid tuition plan, you purchase tuition credits at current rates to be used at some point in the future when your beneficiary attends one of the colleges or universities participating in the MORE