Union Shop

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Union Shop: A form of union security that requires employees to join the union, within a certain time after they are hired or after a compulsory-unionism contract is executed, and to maintain their membership as a condition of employment.

Other Words for Shop

Shop Verb Synonyms: store, boutique, department store

Other Words for Union

Union Adjective Synonyms: uniting, unity, combining, combination, joining, junction, conjoining, conjunction, allying, alliance, associating, association, coalition, amalgamating, amalgamation, fusing, fusion, marrying, marriage, confederating, confederation, confederacy, synthesi


Life Style / Adoption / Reunion: A meeting between birthparent(s) and an adopted adult or between an adopted adult and other birth relatives. The adopted adult may have been placed as an infant and thus has no memory of the birthpare MORE


Business / Finance / Shop: Wall Street slang for a firm. MORE

Pro Shop

Entertainment / Golf / Pro Shop: Usually thought of as the building or room where the retail operation of a golf course takes place (the functions of a pro shop can vary widely and might include tee time reservations, club fitting, h MORE

Opinion Shopping

Business / Finance / Opinion Shopping: Attempts by a corporation to attain reporting objectives by following questionable accounting principles, with the help of an auditor willing to sanction the practices. Prohibited by the SEC. MORE

Open Shop

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Open Shop: An organization that hires workers without regard to their membership in a labor union. MORE

Shopped Stock

Business / Finance / Shopped Stock: Sell inquiry that has been seen by or shown to other dealers before coming to an investment bank. MORE