Vertical Organization

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Vertical Organization: An organizational structure consisting of many layers of management or other positions of authority.

Other Words for Organization

Organization Noun Synonyms: structure, pattern, configuration, design, plan, scheme, order, system, organism, composition, arrangement, constitution, make-up, grouping, framework, format, form, shape
Organization Adjective Synonyms: organizing, structuring, assembling, assembly, putting together, coordination, systematizing, systematization, classifying, classification, categorizing, categorization, codifying, codification

Vertical Coordination

Business / Agriculture / Vertical Coordination: The process of ensuring that each successive stage in the production, processing, and marketing of a product is appropriately managed and interrelated to the next, so that decisions about what to prod MORE

Vertical Beam Width

Technology / Radar / Vertical Beam Width: The beam width of the radar pulse measured in the vertical plane. Most radar units have a vertical beam width of 20 to 25 degrees. MORE

Vertical Banner

Business / Internet Marketing / Vertical Banner: A banner ad measuring 120 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall. MORE

Vertical Analysis Of Financial Statements

Business / Accounting / Vertical Analysis Of Financial Statements: A technique for analyzing the relationships between items on an income statement or balance sheet by expressing all items as percentages. MORE

Vertical Disintegration

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Vertical Disintegration: Used to describe organizations that over time shed layer after layer of full-time permanent employees and replace them with temporary workers until their workforce primarily consists of temporary empl MORE

Vertical Endosteal Implant

Health / Dentistry / Vertical Endosteal Implant: Root-shaped implant which derive their support from a vertical length of bone. Implants are in the form of spirals, cones, rhomboids, and cylinders. They can be smooth, threaded, perforated, solid, ho MORE