Wage Structure

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Wage Structure: Depicts the range of pay rates to be paid for each grade for various positions within the organization.

Other Words for Structure

Structure Noun Synonyms: construct, build, organize, design, form, shape, arrange, systematize
Structure Adjective Synonyms: building, edifice, house, construction
Structure Adverb Synonyms: form, shape, configuration, organization, arrangement, make-up, framework, order, design, formation, system, nature, character

Other Words for Wage

Wage Noun Synonyms: carry on, pursue, conduct, engage in, undertake, practise, prosecute, proceed with

Structured Note

Business / Finance / Structured Note: Debt that has been customized for the buyer, often by incorporating unusual options. MORE

Structured Interview

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Structured Interview: A structured interview asks the same questions of each candidate, so that valid comparisons of the quality of responses can be obtained. The questions generally take four job-related forms: situationa MORE

Structured Debt

Business / Finance / Structured Debt: A self-funding, self-hedged series of transactions that usually use mortgage-backed securities (MBS) as the primary assets. MORE

Structured Polysemy

Technology / Television (TV) / Structured Polysemy: The organization and emphasis/repression of meanings within television's polysemy. MORE

Structured Portfolio Strategy

Business / Finance / Structured Portfolio Strategy: A derivative investment that will change in value with movements of an underlying index; or a note whose issuer makes swap arrangements to alter its required cash flows. MORE

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Technology / Computers / Structured Query Language (SQL): (Structured Query Language) A specialized programming language for sending queries to databases. Most industrial-strength and many smaller database applications can be addressed using SQL. Each specif MORE