Business / Internet Marketing / Account: A business or department that controls a marketing budget. Small companies might use a single account to manage campaigns: larger companies might require several accounts to represent different divisions.

Other Words for Account

Account Noun Synonyms: calculation, accounting, reckoning, computation, (financial) statement, enumeration

Frozen Account

Business / Debt / Frozen Account: A bank account whose funds may not be withdrawn until a lien is satisfied or an ownership dispute is resolved. MORE

Postal Account

Business / Debt / Postal Account: A personal account is a building society account in which all transactions are conducted via post. In some cases a pass book is used to record deposits and withdrawals although societies are increasin MORE

Joint Account

Business / Debt / Joint Account: Typically a bank or brokerage account in the names of two (or more) people. Arrangements can be made such that either individual or all signatures are required when drawing checks/cheques. MORE

Loan Account

Business / Debt / Loan Account: An account, opened for a customer by a bank, following the granting of a loan. The amount of the loan is credited to the customer's current account and similarly debited to the loan account. An arrang MORE

Savings Account

Business / Debt / Savings Account: An account with a bank or financial institution which pays interest on balances held, usually once or twice per year, the amount of interest paid usually depends on to the amount of money in the accou MORE

Flexible Mortgage Account

Business / Debt / Flexible Mortgage Account: A combined mortgage and current account. Any savings each month earn the mortgage rate, which is a relatively high and tax-free rate of return. MORE