Affiliate Software

Business / Internet Marketing / Affiliate Software: Software that, at a minimum, provides tracking and reporting of commission-triggering actions (sales, registrations, or clicks) from affiliate links.


Technology / Computers / Software: This is a program, the actual code the computer reads. All other stuff is hardware. A floppy disc is hardware. MORE

Investment Software

Business / Finance / Investment Software: Computer software that helps investors make investment decisions by identifying situations that meet programmed parameters. MORE

Automated Bid Management Software

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Automated Bid Management Software: Pay per click search engines are growing increasingly complex in their offerings. To help large advertisers cope with the increasing sophistication and complexity of these offerings some search engine MORE

Software Modem

Technology / Computers / Software Modem: A modem implemented entirely in software. Software modems rely on the computer's processor to modulate and demodulate signals. MORE

Super Affiliate

Business / Internet Marketing / Super Affiliate: An affiliate capable of generating a significant percentage of an affiliate program's activity. MORE

Wiki Software

Technology / Computers / Wiki Software: An online application that allows users to add and edit web content. MORE