American Online (AOL)

Business / Internet Marketing / American Online (AOL): Stands for 'A(merica) O(n)L(ine)' America Online, Inc., based in Virginia, originally began as a closed network content provider: meaning only AOL subscribers had access to AOL content. Today, this popular service provider continues to offer their own content (available only to AOL subscribers) as well as e-mail and Internet access that can be parentally controlled.

Ginseng, American Wild (Panax quinquefolia)

Health / Herbs / Ginseng, American Wild (Panax quinquefolia): An adaptogen (helps the system adapt to a variety of changes), increases energy, decreases blood pressure. contraindicated during pregnancy. MORE

Dietary Guidelines For Americans

Business / Agriculture / Dietary Guidelines For Americans: Dietary recommendations for healthy Americans age 2 and older about food choices that promote health, specifically with respect to prevention or delay of chronic diseases. These guidelines, which were MORE

Caffe Americano

Life Style / Coffee / Caffe Americano: An espresso lengthened with hot water. MORE