Anchor Text

Business / Internet Marketing / Anchor Text: Anchor text refers to the visible clickable text for a hyperlink. For example: < a href='' >This is the anchor text< /a >The text usually gives visitors or search engines important information on what the page being linked to is about.

Other Words for Anchor

Anchor Noun Synonyms: mooring
Anchor Verb Synonyms: attach, affix, secure, moor, fix, fasten, pin, rivet, glue

Other Words for Text

Text Adjective Synonyms: extract, abstract, section, quotation, part, paragraph, passage, verse, line
Text Noun Synonyms: wording, words, content, (subject-)matter, printed matter, (main) body (text), contents

Link Text

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Link Text: The user visible text of a link. Search engines use anchor text to indicate the relevancy of the referring site and link to the content on the landing page. Ideally all three, link text, referring sit MORE

Text Link

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Text Link: A plain HTML link that does not involve graphic or special code such as flash or java script. MORE

text ad

Business / Internet Marketing / text ad : Advertisement using text-based hyperlinks. MORE

Text Link Ads

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Text Link Ads: Advertisements which are formatted as text links. Since the web was originally based on text and links people are typically more inclined to pay attention to text links than some other ad formats whic MORE

Text Newsletter

Technology / Email / Text Newsletter: Plain newsletter with words only, no colors, graphics, fonts or pictures; can be received by anyone who has email. MORE

Text Link Exchange

Business / Internet Marketing / Text Link Exchange: Network where participating sites display text ads in exchange for credits which are converted (using a predetermined exchange rate) into ads to be displayed on other sites. MORE