Asp Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Asp Hosting: Web hosting that supports Active Server Pages, a server-side scripting environment from Microsoft.

Hard Aspect

Science / Astrology / Hard Aspect: Aspects which create tension and friction. Squares, oppositions and quincunxes are all hard aspects. MORE

Hard Aspects

Science / Astrology / Hard Aspects: Aspects that stimulate action or tension and induce motivation. All hard aspects are disharmonious to some extent except the conjunction and parallel, whose influence depends largely upon the natures MORE

Harmonious Aspect

Science / Astrology / Harmonious Aspect: Aspects in which the planets involved are mutually supportive; their energies operate together comfortably and productively. The sextile and trine are major harmonious aspects; also called easy aspect MORE

Inharmonious Aspects

Science / Astrology / Inharmonious Aspects: Aspects in which planetary energies do not combine smoothly, mainly the semi-square, square, sesquiquadrate, quincunx, and opposition; also called difficult aspects. See also hard aspects. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Grasping: A foul in which a player grabs the face mask or helmet opening of another player's helmet, usually in the process of making a tackle. It results in a 15 yard penalty. A 5-yard penalty was once enforce MORE


Business / Finance / Ghosting: Used in the context of general equities. Sell interest ('We could get out big size in Humana.') MORE