Business / Internet Marketing / Auditor: Third-party company that tracks, counts and verifies ad-banner requests or verifies a Web site's ad reporting system.

Auditors Report

Business / Finance / Auditors Report: A section of an annual report that includes the auditor's opinion about the veracity of the financial statements. MORE

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Life Style / Adoption / Central Auditory Processing Disorder: A condition in which an individual has difficulty comprehending and integrating information that is heard, although hearing is normal. Central auditory processing disorder occurs when the ear and the MORE

Auditory Hallucination

Science / Psychiatry / Auditory Hallucination: A hallucination involving the perception of sound, most commonly of voices. Some clinicians and investigators would not include those experiences perceived as coming from inside the head and would ins MORE

Independent Auditor

Business / Finance / Independent Auditor: Agreement between lender and borrower that details specific terms of the bond issuance. Specifies legal obligations of bond issuer and rights of bondholders. An indenture spells out the specific terms MORE

Internal Auditors

Business / Accounting / Internal Auditors: An independent group of experts in controls, accounting, and operations, who monitor operating results and financial records, evaluate internal controls, assist with increasing the efficiency and effe MORE

Internal Auditor

Business / Finance / Internal Auditor: An employee of a company who analyzes the company's accounting records to that the company is following and complying with all regulations. MORE