Banner Blindness

Business / Internet Marketing / Banner Blindness: The tendency of web visitors to ignore banner ads, even when the banner ads contain information visitors are actively looking for.

Other Words for Banner

Banner Noun Synonyms: standard, flag, pennant, ensign, burgee, gonfalon, pennon, streamer, banderole, symbol
Banner Adjective Synonyms: leading, foremost, momentous, memorable, notable, important, noteworthy

Snow Banner

Science / Weather / Snow Banner: A plume of snow blown off a mountain crest, resembling smoke blowing from a volcano. MORE

Snow Blindness

Science / Weather / Snow Blindness: Temporary blindness or impaired vision that results from bright sunlight reflected off the snow surface. The medical term is niphablepsia. MORE

Trick Banner

Business / Internet Marketing / Trick Banner: A banner ad that attempts to trick people into clicking, often by imitating an operating system message. MORE

Vertical Banner

Business / Internet Marketing / Vertical Banner: A banner ad measuring 120 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Banner: Banners are the 468-by-60 pixels ad space on commercial Web sites that are usually 'hot-linked' to the advertiser's site. MORE

Html Banner

Business / Internet Marketing / Html Banner: A banner ad using HTML elements, often including interactive forms instead of (or in addition to) standard graphical elements. MORE