Business / Internet Marketing / Barter: To exchange goods or services directly without the use of money.

Barter Syndication

Technology / Television (TV) / Barter Syndication: A program distribution method in which the syndicator retains and sells a portion of the show’s advertising time. In "cash plus barter," the syndicator also receives some money from the station on w MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / PageRank: A logarithmic scale based on link equity which estimates the importance of web documents. Since PageRank is widely bartered Google's relevancy algorithms had to move away from relying on PageRank and MORE

Brick Tea

Life Style / Tea / Brick Tea: Common grades of Chinese and Japananes tea mixed with stalk and dust and molded into bricks under high pressure. Originally these bricks were used by Asian travelers as convenient way to transport the MORE

Editorial Link

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Editorial Link: Search engines count links as votes of quality. They primarily want to count editorial links that were earned over links that were bought or bartered. Many paid links, such as those from quality direc MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Bourgeoisie: (French, 'city-dwelling') The French term bourgeoisie is a noun referring to the non-aristocratic middle-class, while the word bourgeois is the adjective-form. Calling something bourgeois implies that MORE

Countercyclical Stocks

Business / Finance / Countercyclical Stocks: The exchange of goods for other goods rather than for cash; barter. MORE