Business Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Business Hosting: Web hosting geared towards the mission-critical functions demanded by business-class customers.

Other Words for Business

Business Noun Synonyms: duty, function, occupation, calling, vocation, trade, profession, work, province, area, subject, topic, concern, affair, responsibility, role, charge, obligation

Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL)

Technology / Computers / Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL): A computer programming language invented during the second generation of computers and designed to meet the needs of business. Although less often used today, it was well-suited for writing programs t MORE

Controlled Business Arrangements

Business / Real Estate / Controlled Business Arrangements: As defined under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), an arrangement or combination in which an individual or a firm has more than a 1 percent interest in a company to which the individu MORE

Dedicated Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Dedicated Hosting: Hosting option whereby the host provides and is responsible for the equipment, dedicating an entire server to the client's websites. MORE

Coldfusion Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Coldfusion Hosting: Web hosting that supports coldfusion, a web application language introduced by Allaire and currently owned by Macromedia. MORE

Business Segment Reporting

Business / Finance / Business Segment Reporting: Reporting the results of the separate divisions or subsidiaries of a business. MORE

Business Opportunity

Business / Real Estate / Business Opportunity: Any type of business that is for sale (also called business brokerage). The sale or lease of the business and goodwill of an existing business, enterprise or opportunity, including a sale of all or su MORE