Business / Internet Marketing / Buttons: Objects that, when clicked once, cause something to happen.

Shoulder buttons

Entertainment / Video Games / Shoulder buttons: Found on the controllers of most modern systems, these can be found on the side of the controller that faces away from the player. These are usually pressed with your index fingers, and are usually an MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Overlay: Included with many older console games, overlays are a thin piece of plastic that slides over the buttons on a keypad, labeling the keys for the functions that pertain to that game. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Keypad: A panel usually made of metal or plastic with numbered push-button switches (like a touch-tone telephone) designed to provide access to certain types of control functions. Security, CD changers, and c MORE

Dual Shock

Entertainment / Video Games / Dual Shock: The brand name for the playstation controller, so called because it features dual analog sticks, and provides tactile feedback using small electric motors to shake ('shock') the controller. The brand MORE

User Interface

Entertainment / Video Games / User Interface: The connection points between the 'game' on one side and the 'user' on the other. There are two aspects to a user interface: (1) The information that the game provides to the user so that the user wil MORE

Rotary Volume

Technology / Home Audio / Rotary Volume: An analog or linear volume control operated with a knob to raise and lower the volume, as opposed to separate digital 'up and down' pushbuttons or pushbar. MORE