Business / Internet Marketing / Bytes: A byte is a unit of information transferred over a network (or stored on a hard drive or in memory). Every web page, image, or other type of file is composed of some number of bytes. Large files, such as video clips, may be composed of millions of bytes ('megabytes').


Entertainment / Ballet / Double: Making two of the movement, such as in double battement fondu and double rond de jambe en l'air. MORE

Data Transfer

Business / Internet Marketing / Data Transfer: The total amount of outbound traffic from a website*, typically measured in gigabytes (Gb). MORE

Compact Disc (CD)

Technology / Home Audio / Compact Disc (CD): The most popular format for conveying music and data currently available. It is among the first digital media to take over from the analog formats of phonograph records and tapes; coming to the market MORE

Digital Technology

Technology / Home Audio / Digital Technology: Human beings directly process information in an analog format. That is, our senses directly convey information to the brain in the form of constantly varying amplitudes and frequencies that approximat MORE


Business / Finance / Float: Buying shares in an initial public offering (IPO), and then selling the shares immediately after the start of public trading to turn an immediate profit. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Short: (1) The selling side of an open futures contract: (2) a trader whose net position in the futures market shows an excess of open sales over open purchases. See long. MORE