Business / Internet Marketing / Click: The opportunity for a visitor to be transferred to a location by clicking on an ad, as recorded by the server.

Click through Rate (CTR)

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Click through Rate (CTR): The percentage of people who view click on an advertisement they viewed, which is a way to measure how relevant a traffic source or keyword is. Search ads typically have a higher click through rate th MORE

Ad Clicks

Business / Internet Marketing / Ad Clicks: Number of times users click on an ad banner. MORE


Technology / Email / Click-Through: When a link is included in an email, a click-through occurs when a recipient clicks on the link. Click-through tracking refers to the data collected about each click-through link, such as how many peo MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Click-Stops: Lens aperture controls using a series of bearings that click audibly into place at each numbered setting. MORE

Pay Per Click Search Engine (PPCSE)

Business / Internet Marketing / Pay Per Click Search Engine (PPCSE): Search engine where results are ranked according to the bid amount and advertisers are charged only when a searcher clicks on the search listing. MORE

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Business / Internet Marketing / Cost Per Click (CPC): Also called Pay per Click (PPC). A performance-based advertising model where the advertiser pays a set fee for every click on an ad. The majority of text ads sold by search engines are billed under th MORE