Content Match

Business / Internet Marketing / Content Match: A pay-per-click campaign tactic that helps your ads display on sites throughout the Yahoo! Distribution network. With Content Match, a number of variables can be used to determine your ad’s placement, including the content of your ad title, description and landing page, as well as user information, and other relevant data.

Other Words for Content

Content Noun Synonyms: substance, subject-matter, significance, purport, import, essence, text, theme, topic, thesis
Content Adjective Synonyms: capacity, volume, size, measure

Other Words for Match

Match Noun Synonyms: equal, equivalent, peer, equivalent, fellow, mate, parallel, replica, copy, double, twin, look-alike, facsimile, counterpart
Match Verb Synonyms: fit, go with, suit, accord, agree, harmonize, go (together), coordinate, blend, correspond

Matched Components

Technology / Home Audio / Matched Components: A typical separates system includes a separate woofer, tweeter, and external Crossover, all of which are designed to work smoothly with one another. Generally, these components are made of better mate MORE

Matched Book

Business / Finance / Matched Book: A bank runs a matched book when the of maturities of its assets and liabilities is distribution equal. MORE

Matched Maturities

Business / Finance / Matched Maturities: The coordination by a financial institution of the maturities of its assets (loans) and liabilities (deposits) in order to enable it to meet its obligations at the required times. MORE