Content Targeted Advertising (CTA)

Business / Internet Marketing / Content Targeted Advertising (CTA): It refers to the placement of relevant PPC ads on content pages for non-search engine websites.

Other Words for Content

Content Adjective Synonyms: capacity, volume, size, measure
Content Noun Synonyms: substance, subject-matter, significance, purport, import, essence, text, theme, topic, thesis

Latent Content

Science / Psychiatry / Latent Content: The hidden (i.e., unconscious) meaning of thoughts or actions, especially in dreams or fantasies. In dreams, it is expressed in distorted, disguised, condensed, and symbolic form. MORE

Manifest Content

Science / Psychiatry / Manifest Content: The remembered content of a dream or fantasy, as contrasted with latent content, which is concealed and distorted. MORE

Quality Content

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Quality Content: Content which is linkworthy in nature. MORE

Information Content Effect

Business / Finance / Information Content Effect: The correlation between predicted and actual stock returns, sometimes used to measure the contribution of a financial analyst. An IC of 1.0 indicates a perfect linear relationship between predicted an MORE

Google Advertising Professional (GAP)

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Google Advertising Professional (GAP): Google Advertising Professional is a program which qualifies marketers as being proficient AdWords marketers. MORE

Dynamic Content

Technology / Email / Dynamic Content: Email-newsletter content that changes from one recipient to the next according to a set of predetermined rules or variables, usually according to preferences the user sets when opting in to messages f MORE