Business / Internet Marketing / Coverage: The percentage of a population group covered by the Internet.

Coverage End Date

Health / Dentistry / Coverage End Date: Coverage End Date displays the date that coverage ends for a participant. This field is blank, if the participant is considered covered as of the date of the inquiry. MORE

Cover Four Coverage

Entertainment / Football / Cover Four Coverage: As above, with the corners and safeties dropping into deep coverage, with each taking one-fourth of the width of the field. Also referred to as Quarters. MORE

Cover Zero Coverage

Entertainment / Football / Cover Zero Coverage: Strict man-to-man coverage with no help from safeties (usually a blitz play with at least five men crossing the line of scrimmage). MORE

Duplicate Coverage

Health / Dentistry / Duplicate Coverage: When a person has coverage for the same health services under more than one health benefits plan MORE

Cover One Coverage

Entertainment / Football / Cover One Coverage: Man-to-man coverage with at least one safety not assigned a player to cover who can help out on deep pass routes. MORE

Man-To-Man Coverage

Entertainment / Football / Man-To-Man Coverage: A defense in which all players in pass coverage, typically linebackers and defensive backs, cover a specific player. Pure man coverage is very rare; defenses typically mix man and zone coverage. MORE