Business / Internet Marketing / Creative: The technology used to create or develop an ad unit. The most common creative technology for banners is GIF or JPEG images. Other creative technologies include Java, - HTML, or streaming audio or video. These are commonly referred to as rich media banners.

Other Words for Creative

Creative Noun Synonyms: imaginative, inventive, originative, artistic, original, ingenious, resourceful

Creative Accounting

Business / Accounting / Creative Accounting: A questionable! means of making a companies figures appear more (or less) appealing to shareholders etc. An example is 'branding' where the 'value' of a brand name is added to intangible assets which MORE

Creative Director

Entertainment / Video Games / Creative Director: A job title for someone who has responsibility for (or management authority over) artistic and/or design aspects of games. MORE

Creative Financing

Business / Real Estate / Creative Financing: Structuring the financing of a real estate transaction based on the cash positions of the buyer and seller. It involves working in conjunction with the existing financing to create a financing package MORE

Design Director

Entertainment / Video Games / Design Director: Job title that may be used in some game companies to refer to a game designer who has risen to a high level of authority and responsibility. Analogous or possibly even equivalent to 'creative director MORE

Demo Disc

Entertainment / Video Games / Demo Disc: A CD created with the intention of showing off the services or talents of a creative individual or company. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Etching: Dissolving away selected areas of a surface while shielding the other portions with a resistant. The process is used as a creative drawing medium as well as for making half-tone plates on copper or zi MORE