Business / Internet Marketing / Directory: An index of websites based mainly on human editing and categorization. In most cases the content is submitted to the directory, the editorial team will then approve a title and description and place the URL in an appropriate category. For example, Yahoo! Is a human edited directory.

Yahoo! Directory

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Yahoo! Directory: One of the original, most popular, and most authoritative web directories, started by David Filo and Jerry Yang in 1994. The Yahoo! Directory is one of a few places where most any legitimate site can MORE

Root Directory

Technology / Computers / Root Directory: The main directory on any hard disk or floppy disk. It has a fixed size and location and cannot be resized dynamically like subdirectories can. MORE

Volunter Directory

Business / Internet Marketing / Volunter Directory: A Web directory staffed primarily by unpaid volunteer editors. MORE

Provider Directory

Health / Dentistry / Provider Directory: Provider directories are listings of providers who have contracted with a managed care network to provide care to its participants. Participants may refer to the directory to select in-network provide MORE

Ezine Directory

Business / Internet Marketing / Ezine Directory: Directory of electronic magazines, typically of the email variety. MORE

Affiliate Directory

Business / Internet Marketing / Affiliate Directory: A categorized listing of affiliate programs. MORE