Email Spam

Business / Internet Marketing / Email Spam: Unwanted, unsolicited email.

Relationship Email

Technology / Email / Relationship Email: An email message that refers to a commercial action -- a purchase, complaint or customer-support request -- based on a business relationship between the sender and recipient. Generally are not covered MORE

Search Engine Spam

Business / Internet Marketing / Search Engine Spam: Excessive manipulation to influence search engine rankings, often for pages which contain little or no relevant content. MORE

Seed Emails

Technology / Email / Seed Emails: Email addresses placed on a list (sometimes secretly) to determine what messages are sent to the list and/or to track delivery rate and/or visible appearance of delivered messages. Seeds may also be p MORE

Sent Emails

Technology / Email / Sent Emails: Number of email names transmitted in a single broadcast. Does not reflect how many were delivered or viewed by recipients. MORE

Read Email

Technology / Email / Read Email: Not measurable. Only opens and clicks are measurable in any way. You can never know if a recipient simply read your message. MORE

Opt-In Email

Business / Internet Marketing / Opt-In Email: Email that is explicitly requested by the recipient. MORE