Business / Internet Marketing / Emotions: The online means of facial expressions and gestures. Examples: :) Tip your head to the left and you will see the two eyes and smiling mouth. Use them where applicable in chats and email. Other emotions include: :( sad :0 surprised o:) innocent.


Science / Astrology / Radix: From the Latin, literally root. A natal horoscope. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Expressionism: Atonal and violent style used as a means of evoking heightened emotions and states of mind. MORE

La Belle Indifférence

Science / Psychiatry / La Belle Indifférence: Literally, beautiful indifference. Seen in certain patients with conversion disorders who show an inappropriate lack of concern about their disabilities. labile Rapidly shifting (as applied to emotion MORE

Huna Kane

Health / Massage / Huna Kane: This Hawaiian technique espouses that emotions and experiences are trapped in the fibers of each muscle group and organ in the body. Through a rhythmic massage technique where the practitioner "dances MORE

Nuat Thai

Health / Massage / Nuat Thai: This form of traditional Thai medical massage originated in the Vajrayana Yogic medicine of Tibet. Translated and creatively adapted to the needs of the modern West by Anthony B. James, phd, Nuat Thai MORE

Jin Shin Do

Health / Massage / Jin Shin Do: Developed by psychotherapist Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, Jin Shin Do combines gentle, yet deep, finger pressure on acu-points with simple body focusing techniques to release physical and emotional tension MORE