Business / Internet Marketing / Ffa: Free-for-all links list, where there are no qualifications for adding a link.


Entertainment / Ballet / Efface: Literally 'erased' or 'obscured'. One of the directions of epaulement in which the dancer stands at an oblique angle to the audience so that a part of the body is taken back and almost hidden from vie MORE

Department Of Veterans Affairs (VA) Mortgage

Business / Taxes / Department Of Veterans Affairs (VA) Mortgage: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) mortgages enable qualifying veterans or their surviving spouses to borrow up to the annual federal limit in order to buy conventional homes, mobile homes, and condo MORE

Free For All (FFA)

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Free For All (FFA): Free for all pages are pages which allow anyone to add a link to them. Generally these links do not pull much weight in search relevancy algorithms because many automated programs fill these pages wit MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Buffalo: Has synonym names NY 10830 and Early Steuben. Vigorous, productive, early ripening (around 2 weeks before Concord) variety derived from Herbert and Watkins varieties by NY's Geneva Research Station in MORE

Opera Buffa

Entertainment / Music / Opera Buffa: Italian comic opera, sung throughout. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Offal: The less valuable byproduct material from the preparation of a specific product: primarily refers to the byproducts of meat and poultry plants, e.g., blood, bone, feathers, fat. MORE