Business / Internet Marketing / Flame: An intentionally crude or abusive email message or usenet post. Rule: Don't do it. Ever. Not only is it bad etiquette, you leave a trail.

Other Words for Flame

Flame Noun Synonyms: boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, heartthrob, sweetheart, beau
Flame Adjective Synonyms: fire, blaze, conflagration

Oxidizing Flame

Business / Machine Shop / Oxidizing Flame: An oxyfuel flame in which there is an excess of oxygen, resulting in an oxygen-rich zone extending around and beyond the cone. MORE

Flame Retention Burner

Business / Construction / Flame Retention Burner: An oil burner, designed to hold the flame near the nozzle surface. Generally the most efficient type for residential use. MORE

Flame Cell

Science / Biology / Flame Cell: A specialized cell at the blind end of a nephridium that filters body fiuids. MORE

Flame (Seedless)

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Flame (Seedless): Seedless table grape, also suitable for wine-making, widely grown in Australia. Also found in the cooler regions of N. America where it ripens by late September. Similar to the Himrod grape listed bel MORE

Flame Tokay

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Flame Tokay: Appears to be a synonym name for a mutated version of the V.vinifera Ahmeur Bou Ahmeur variety from Algeria listed in the Geilweilerhof database (above). Has over twenty synonym names. Has been grown MORE

Bahiranga Trataka

Health / Yoga / Bahiranga Trataka : Concentrating the attention (gaze) upon an external object such as a candle flame. MORE