Gif (Graphic Interchange Format)

Business / Internet Marketing / Gif (Graphic Interchange Format): GIF (pronounced 'gift') is a graphics format that can be displayed on almost all web browsers. It is a common compression format used for transferring graphics files between different computers. Most of the 'pictures' you see online are GIF files. They display in 256 colors and have built-in compression. GIF images are the most common form of banner creative.

Gift Wrapped

Life Style / Christmas / Gift Wrapped: When you’re shopping, you can often ask the salesclerk if they have a gift-wrapping service. MORE

Gift Tax

Business / Finance / Gift Tax: A technique used to avoid a gift tax in which a large sum of money to be given by two parents to a child is halved and given to the child separately For example, a husband and wife each donate $10,000 MORE

Gift Splitting

Business / Finance / Gift Splitting: A piece of property or asset given from one living person to another. MORE