Helper Application

Business / Internet Marketing / Helper Application: This term refers to software programs that run along with browser programs enabling them to perform additional functions. Good examples are Shockwave for downloading and viewing moving images and Real Audio for hearing sounds and music online.

Other Words for Application

Application Noun Synonyms: use, employment, utilization, practice, operation

Mutual Application

Science / Astrology / Mutual Application: Said of two planets moving toward each other, one direct and the other retrograde. MORE

Loan Application

Business / Real Estate / Loan Application: A lenders initial sourse of information on a borrower/applicant and the collateral involved, stipulates the amount of money requested and repayment terms. MORE

Helper T Cells

Science / Biology / Helper T Cells: A type of lymphocyte that stimulates the production of antibodies by activating B cells when an antigen is present. MORE

Helper Application

Technology / Computers / Helper Application: This is an application your browser uses to manipulate a downloaded program. MORE

Mutually Exclusive Applications

Technology / Cell Phones / Mutually Exclusive Applications: Two or more applications for the same spectrum use rights. MORE

Retrograde Application

Science / Astrology / Retrograde Application: Term used in reference to a retrograde planet which, because of its retrograde motion, applies to an aspect with another planet. If both planets are moving toward each other, the term mutual applicati MORE