Business / Internet Marketing / impression : A single instance of an online advertisement being displayed.*

Other Words for Impression

Impression Verb Synonyms: sensation, feeling, sense, suspicion, awareness, consciousness, idea, belief, fancy, notion
Impression Noun Synonyms: printing, issue, print, copy, run


Entertainment / Photography / Coving: Plain curved background which has no edges, corners or folds and gives the impression of infinity. MORE


Science / Geology / Luster: The general textural impression of a mineral surface, given by the light reflected from it. Terms such as metallic, submetallic are standardized but subjective. MORE

First Stage Surgery

Health / Dentistry / First Stage Surgery: This refers to the preparatory stage for an implant procedure. In the case of the subperio-- steal implant, it refers to the surgical bone impression and bone bite, which is done in order to construct MORE


Technology / Email / CGI: Acronym for Common Gateway Interface. It is a specification for transferring information between the Web and a Web server, such as processing email subscription or contact forms. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Round: A complete circuit of (usually) 18 holes MORE

Microwave Brewers

Life Style / Coffee / Microwave Brewers: Brewing apparatus designed to take advantage of the unique properties of the microwave oven. Over the years microwave brewers have incorporated a variety of technical means, ranging from open-pot thro MORE