Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Business / Internet Marketing / Internet Relay Chat (IRC): A facility that allows people -- from many different places in the world at one time -- to chat in real time. The chats, or forums, are typed remarks, and they can be either public or private. This, understandably, is a wildly popular consumer area of the Internet. A sort of 'ham radio' for the '90s, it offers intimacy combined with autonomy. Many celebrities are also talking to the public at pre-announced times, so IRC has commercial publicity uses, too. Business meetings can be conducted in the same way.

Other Words for Chat

Chat Verb Synonyms: converse, gossip, talk, chit-chat, gab, chew the fat or the rag, jaw, witter, natter, rap, bullshit
Chat Noun Synonyms: conversation, colloquy, talk, small talk, gossip, palaver, chit-chat, tˆte-…-tˆte, heart-to-heart, gab, chin-wag, confab, witter, natter, rap, gabfest, bull session

Open Relay

Technology / Email / Open Relay: An SMTP email server that allows outsiders to relay email messages that are neither for nor from local users. Often exploited by spammers and hackers. MORE

Pas De Chat

Entertainment / Ballet / Pas De Chat: step of the cat. The dancer jumps sideways, and while in mid-air, bends both legs up (two retires) bringing the feet up as high as possible, with knees apart. The Dance of the Cygnets from Swan Lake i MORE

Petit Château

Life Style / Wine / Petit Château: A Bordeaux wine estate that doesn't have any official designation of classification. MORE