Business / Internet Marketing / Interstitial: Means 'something in between' and is a page that is inserted in the normal flow of content between a user and a site. An Interstitial Ad is an 'intrusive' ad unit that is spontaneously delivered without specifically being requested by a user. Blocking the site behind it, Interstitial Ads are designed to grab consumers' attention for the few nanoseconds it takes them to close the window. Interstitial's can be full pages or small daughter windows. Also referred to as 'pop-ups.'

Interstitial Fluid

Science / Biology / Interstitial Fluid: Fluid surrounding the cells in body tissues; provides a path through which nutrients, gases, and wastes can travel between the capillaries and the cells. MORE

Cancellous Bone

Health / Dentistry / Cancellous Bone: Spongy bone tissue located in the medulla of bone rather than the cortex which is compact. This bone is composed of a variable trabecular network containing interstitial tissue which may be hematopoie MORE


Science / Biology / Lymph: Interstitial fiuid in the lymphatic system. MORE