Business / Internet Marketing / Java: Java is an object oriented programming language created by Sun Microsystems that supports enhanced features such as animation, or real-time updating of information. If you are using a web browser that supports Java, an applet (Java program) embedded in the Web page will automatically run.


Technology / Computers / JavaScript: JavaScript is a scripting language used in web development, primarily in websites. It was designed to look like Java and uses some of the same naming conventions, but the similarities end there. The p MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Mocha-Java: Traditionally, a blend of Yemen Mocha and Java Arabica coffees, usually one part Yemen Mocha and two parts Java Arabica. All commercial Mocha-Java blends and many specialty versions no longer follow t MORE

Old Java

Life Style / Coffee / Old Java: Arabica coffee from Java that, like mature coffee, has been deliberately held in warehouses in port cities to reduce acidity and increase body. The purpose is to mimic the flavor characteristics of th MORE

Link Hoarding

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Link Hoarding: A method of trying to keep all your link popularity by not linking out to other sites, or linking out using JavaScript or through cheesy redirects. Generally link hoarding is a bad idea for the follow MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / navigation : That which facilitates movement from one Web page to another Web page. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Static: Weights The amount of thumb or finger, positive or negative side, top or bottom weight a ball has after drilling. Most people feel that this is less important overall in the high tech balls of today, MORE