Keyword Bidding

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Bidding: Keyword Bidding is the process or method used by search engines marketers to determine the ranking of paid keywords results in AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines that require pay per click advertising to determine your ranking and positioning in their search results and in content results on networked partners' sites.

Other Words for Bidding

Bidding Noun Synonyms: invitation, summons

Keyword Matching

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Matching: In Google Ad Words, there are four different keyword matching options, each specifying a different way for a keyword to interact with search queries. With some options, you'll enjoy more ad impression MORE

Keyword Research

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Research: Keyword research includes the processes and methodologies to research key words that would be used for search and internet marketing campaigns. MORE

Keyword Marketing

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Marketing: Keyword Marketing is the act, process, or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service on-line. MORE