Killer App

Business / Internet Marketing / Killer App: A term that migrated from software development to online. It is nothing more than tech-talk for the eternal search for next big idea.

Other Words for Killer

Killer Noun Synonyms: murderer, assassin, slayer, cutthroat, butcher, exterminator, Bluebeard, (Jack the) ripper, torpedo, hit man, triggerman, gunsel, hooligan, gunfighter, iceman, hatchet man

Market-Data Approach

Business / Real Estate / Market-Data Approach: Estimating a propertys value based on a comparison of the property with similar properties in the same locale that have sold recently. Also known as the direct sales comparison approach. MORE

Market Approach

Business / Real Estate / Market Approach: A method of pricing single-family rental homes and condos using comparable market data. When pricing multiple unit rental properties, the income approach is probably better. MORE

Mental Apparatus

Science / Psychiatry / Mental Apparatus: id, ego and superego in psychodynamic terms MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Mousetrapping: The use of browser tricks in an effort to keep a visitor captive at a site, often by disabling the 'Back' button or generated repeated pop-up windows. MORE

Mutual Application

Science / Astrology / Mutual Application: Said of two planets moving toward each other, one direct and the other retrograde. MORE

Mapping Population

Science / Genetics / Mapping Population: The group of related organisms used in constructing a genetic map. MORE