Business / Internet Marketing / Lag: The amount of time between making an online request or command and receiving a response. Until lag time becomes no time at all the Internet will not be consumer-friendly, and its profit potential will remain limited.

Other Words for Lag

Lag Adjective Synonyms: diminish, decrease, slacken, abate, slow (down or up), flag, wane, ebb, falter, fail, let up, fall (off or away), ease (up), lighten
Lag Noun Synonyms: fall behind, linger, loiter, delay, straggle, trail, hang back, dally, dawdle, inch or poke along

Cover The Flag

Entertainment / Golf / Cover The Flag: (also 'cover the pin') an approach shot that is precisely on line, heading directly toward the flagstick MORE

Attend The Flag

Entertainment / Golf / Attend The Flag: (also 'tend' the flag, flagstick or pin) holding and then removing the flagstick after a player has made a stroke MORE

Minimum Tillage

Business / Agriculture / Minimum Tillage: The minimum soil manipulation necessary for crop production. Conservation tillage, reduced tillage, and no-till farming are related terms. MORE


Technology / Rockets / Ullage: Unfilled volume of a propellant tank and rarely the unfilled volume in a solid motor. MORE

Red Flag

Entertainment / Football / Red Flag: A weighted red marker thrown onto the field by a coach to tell the officials that he wants a certain play reviewed. Sometimes referred to as 'challenge flag.' MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Dinoflagellate: Dominant planktonic algal form, occurring as a single cell, often biflagellate MORE