Manual Submission

Business / Internet Marketing / Manual Submission: Adding a URL to the search engines individually by hand.

Other Words for Manual

Manual Noun Synonyms: handbook, vade-mecum, enchiridion, directions, instructions, guide

Other Words for Submission

Submission Verb Synonyms: submittal, offering, tender, contribution, entry
Submission Adjective Synonyms: concession, acquiescence, capitulation, surrender, yielding, deference, giving in, obedience, compliance, resignation, submissiveness, tractability, meekness, docility, passivity, timidity, unassertiveness

Search Engine Submission

Business / Internet Marketing / Search Engine Submission: The act of supplying a URL to a search engine in an attempt to make a search engine aware of a site or page. MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Resubmission: Much like search engine submission, resubmission is generally a useless program which is offered by businesses bilking naive consumers out of their money for a worthless service. MORE

Provider Manual

Health / Health Insurance / Provider Manual: A document that contains information concerning a provider's rights and responsibilities as part of a network. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Submission: Refers to content submitted or suggested to a search engine or directory. Several search engines and directories supply forms for users to complete to suggest or pay for content to be included. In mos MORE

Submission Date

Health / Dentistry / Submission Date: The date the claim was submitted and/or received by CIGNA HealthCare. MORE

Underwriting Manual

Health / Health Insurance / Underwriting Manual: A document that provides background information about various underwriting impairments and suggests the appropriate action to take if such impairments exist. MORE