Media Kit

Business / Internet Marketing / Media Kit: A resource created by a publisher to help prospective ad buyers evaluate advertising opportunities.

Other Words for Kit

Kit Verb Synonyms: apparatus, gear, equipment, paraphernalia, appurtenances, rig, accoutrements or also accouterments, tackle, trappings, supplies, furnishings, instruments, tools, utensils, implements

Median Wage

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Median Wage: The margin between the highest paid 50 percent and the lowest paid 50 percent of workers in a specific position or occupation. MORE

Median Apophysis

Science / Spiders / Median Apophysis: A selerite arising from the middle division of the male palpal organs. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Median: The middle value in a series of values arranged in rank order. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Mediation: A private negotiation and decision-making process in which a mediator assists individuals or groups in finding a resolution to a particular issue or conflict. MORE

Mixed Media

Life Style / Painting / Mixed Media: One or more medium used in the same picture. Thus pastel and ink, pastel and water-colour, tempera and water-colour, etc. MORE

Multimedia Extensions (MMX)

Technology / Computers / Multimedia Extensions (MMX): A technology created by Intel Corporation that enhances audio and video capabilities. MMX is found in Pentium III and later CPU's and is also found in AMD K6 series CPU's. Microprocessors that have MM MORE