Business / Internet Marketing / Modem: A contraction for 'modulation/demodulation,' it is the device that converts a digital bit stream into an analog signal (and Back again) so computers can communicate across phone lines.

Cable Modem

Technology / Computers / Cable Modem: A cable modem is a type of Internet connection that is transmitted through a coaxial cable. The benefits of this technology are that you are able to achieve much faster speeds through a cable connecti MORE

Software Modem

Technology / Computers / Software Modem: A modem implemented entirely in software. Software modems rely on the computer's processor to modulate and demodulate signals. MORE

Internal Modem

Technology / Computers / Internal Modem: A modem that resides on an expansion board that plugs into a computer. In contrast, an external modem is a box that attaches to a computer's COM port via cables. MORE

External Modem

Technology / Computers / External Modem: A modem that is separate from the actual computer system and is self-contained in its own box. Because of the additional expense of creating the housing for the external modem, they tend to be a littl MORE

Modem Speeds

Business / Internet Marketing / Modem Speeds: The speed at which you connect to the Internet through your computer's modem. They include 14.4, 28,8, 33.6 and ISDN. T1 and T3 are high speed connections that don't require a modem. MORE

Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS)

Technology / Computers / Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS): Cable Modem Termination System. Typically, this system is found in a cable companies headend or distribution hub. Its purpose is to provide a high-speed data service to cable subscribers. MORE