Business / Internet Marketing / Newbie: A term to describe anyone new to an area, whether it be a particular forum online or the Internet.

Newbie or Noob

Entertainment / Video Games / Newbie or Noob: Term used to describe an inexperienced player, or to be derogatory about another player’s skills. There are many spellings used, often using leetspeak: 'newbie,' 'newb,' 'noob,' 'n00b,' or even 'n3w MORE

Crash Bar

Technology / Motorcycle / Crash Bar: Many motorcycles have a Crash Bar or guard to protect the bike should it fall over. You'll have to look carefully on some bikes to see them and not all bikes are so equipped. Some models hide the prot MORE

Frame Sliders

Technology / Motorcycle / Frame Sliders: Many motorcycles have Engine Guards to protect the bike should it fall over. These are billed as Engine Guards but sometimes they are referred to as Crash Bars. We don't want to emphasize crashing a m MORE