Opt In Opt Out

Business / Internet Marketing / Opt In Opt Out: An email marketing promotion that typically gives consumers an opportunity to 'opt in' (taking action to be part of the promotion) or to 'opt out' (taking action to not be part of the promotion). Marketers can be sensitive about the distinction, although many are secretly anxious about the day when email, like real-world direct mail, becomes an opt-out medium.

Other Words for Out

Out Adverb Synonyms: outside, outdoors, in or into the open air
Out Adjective Synonyms: outlying, distant, far-off, peripheral


Life Style / Travel / Outfitter: A business providing the equipment necessary for some adventure or activity, such as white-water rafting. MORE


Science / Weather / Outflow: Also referred to as an outflow boundary, it is the outward flow of air from a system, such as a thunderstorm. It is the result of cold downdrafts and its passage includes a wind shift and temperature MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Outfielder: A fielder who occupies a position in the outfield, which is the playing field most distance from home base. MORE