Phrase Match

Business / Internet Marketing / Phrase Match: If you enter your keyword in quotation marks, as in 'tennis shoes,' your ad would be eligible to appear when a user searches on the phrase tennis shoes, in this order, and possibly with other terms before or after the phrase. For example, your ad could appear for the query red tennis shoes but not for shoes for tennis, tennis shoe, or tennis sneakers. Phrase match is more targeted than broad match, but more flexible than exact match.

Other Words for Match

Match Noun Synonyms: equal, equivalent, peer, equivalent, fellow, mate, parallel, replica, copy, double, twin, look-alike, facsimile, counterpart
Match Verb Synonyms: fit, go with, suit, accord, agree, harmonize, go (together), coordinate, blend, correspond

Other Words for Phrase

Phrase Noun Synonyms: express, term, word, put, frame, formulate, couch, put into words, put or set forth, verbalize, articulate, voice, utter, say, write, describe, delineate
Phrase Adjective Synonyms: clause, noun phrase, verb phrase, prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, adjectival phrase


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Matching Concept

Business / Finance / Matching Concept: The accounting principle that requires the recognition of all costs that are associated with the generation of the revenue reported in the income statement. MORE

Matching Contribution

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