Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTL)

Business / Internet Marketing / Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTL): Unless you are reading this at a high-tech company or large corporation -- which has ISDN or T1 lines -- chances are you accessed over POTS, copper wires that transmit at about 28.8 Kbps. Which means surfing for you surfing is a fairly slow business.

Other Words for Old

Old Adjective Synonyms: time-worn, decayed, dilapidated, ramshackle, disintegrated, crumbling, shabby, worn out, dusty, broken-down, tumbledown, disused, unused, cast off, cast aside
Old Adverb Synonyms: ancient, antiquated, antediluvian, fossil, prehistoric, Noachian, obsolete, antique, outdated, out of date, old-time, dated, archaic, stale, out-moded, passe, Ogygian
Old Noun Synonyms: elderly, ageing, aged, advanced in years or age, long-lived, past one's prime, grey, full of years, getting on (in years), hoary, superannuated, over the hill, past it

Other Words for Plain

Plain Adjective Synonyms: activity, enterprise, programme, undertaking, venture, assignment, commitment, obligation, contract, engagement, occupation, job, work
Plain Verb Synonyms: clear, evident, simple, distinct, crystal clear, lucid, vivid, transparent, apparent, obvious, patent, self-evident, manifest, distinct, unmistakable or unmistakeable, unequivocal, unambiguous, understandable, intelligible, graphic, direct, in black and w
Plain Noun Synonyms: flat, smooth, even, featureless, level, plane

Other Words for Telephone

Telephone Verb Synonyms: handset, phone, blower, horn
Telephone Noun Synonyms: phone, ring (up), call (up), give (someone) a ring or a call, get (someone) on the blower or the horn, give (someone) a tinkle or a buzz, buzz

Old Arabicas

Life Style / Coffee / Old Arabicas: Botanical varieties or cultivars of the Coffea arabica species that were developed by selection relatively early in the history of coffee, such as var. bourbon and var. typica, as opposed to hybrid va MORE

Old Age

Science / Geology / Old Age: A stage in the development of a landscape when streams have a low gradient and meander back and forth across broad floodplains. The landscape is marked by meander scars and oxbow lakes. MORE

Old Chimney

Entertainment / Liquor / Old Chimney: A pleasant enough brew with a satisfactory balance of hops and malt. Quite light considering the strength. MORE

Old Comedy

Entertainment / Literature / Old Comedy: The Athenian comedies dating to 400-499 BCE, featuring invective, satire, ribald humor, and song and dance. See further discussion under stock character. MORE

Old English

Entertainment / Literature / Old English: Also known as Anglo-Saxon, Old English is the ancestor of Middle English and Modern English. It is a Germanic language that was introduced to the British Isles by tribes such as the Angles, Saxons, an MORE

Old Crop

Life Style / Coffee / Old Crop: Coffee that has been held in warehouses before shipping. Old crop differs from aged or vintage and mature coffees in two ways: First, it has not been held for as long a period, and second, it may not MORE