Point Of Presence (POP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Point Of Presence (POP): POP is a service provider's location for connecting to users. Generally, pops refer to the location where people can dial into the provider's host computer. Most providers have several POP's to allow low-cost access via telephone lines.

Other Words for Point

Point Noun Synonyms: spot, place, stage, position, site, station, location, locale
Point Adjective Synonyms: dot, mark, speck, (full) stop, period, decimal point

Other Words for Presence

Presence Adjective Synonyms: attendance, company, companionship, society, association, existence, manifestation, manifestness, being
Presence Noun Synonyms: proximity, nearness, closeness, adjacency, vicinity, propinquity

Point Holding

Health / Massage / Point Holding: This acupressure technique requires several practitioners to apply pressure to specific acupoints for up to two hours in order to remove blockage and stimulate emotional release within the meridians. MORE

Point Guard

Entertainment / Basketball / Point Guard: Usually a team's floor leader, who initiates the offense and controls the tempo of the game. MORE

Point And Figure Chart

Business / Finance / Point And Figure Chart: A price-only chart that takes into account only whole integer changes in price, i.e., a 2-point change. Point and figure charting disregards the element of time and is used solely to record changes in MORE


Business / Agriculture / Point: A measure of price change equal to 1/100 of one cent in most futures contracts traded in decimal units. In grains, it is one cent: in T-bonds, it is one percent of par. MORE

Point Load

Business / Construction / Point Load: A point where a bearing/structural weight is concentrated and transferred to the foundation. MORE

Point Of Beginning (POB)

Business / Real Estate / Point Of Beginning (POB): In a metes-and bounds legal description, the starting point of the survey, situated in one corner of the parcel, all metes-and-bounds descriptions must follow the boundaries of the parcel back to the MORE