Business / Internet Marketing / Push: Is the delivery ('pushing of') of information that is initiated by the server rather than being requested ('pulled') by a user. Pointcast is the most well known push service that pushes information based on the users profile.

Other Words for Push

Push Noun Synonyms: thrust, shove, drive, move, set in motion, get moving, propel, press
Push Verb Synonyms: urge, encourage, press, induce, ask, persuade, get, egg on, press, prod, spur, goad, rouse, prompt, incite, move, motivate, stimulate, influence, impel, make, compel, force, dragoon, coerce, constrain, badger, hound, pester, harass, plague, nag, browbeat

Push Hand

Health / Tai Chi / Push Hand: A drill or game in Tai Chi that allows students to practice their tai chi skills, energetics and movement against an opponent. There are many variations of push hands. MORE

Push Fade

Entertainment / Golf / Push Fade: A shot that is both a push and a fade, starting and curving to the right of the intended target line for right-handers MORE

Push Therapy

Health / Massage / Push Therapy: PUSH Therapy was specifically designed to eliminate pain originating from chronic tension. Therapists learn Soft Pressure Stimulation to treat tissue on a layer-by-layer basis. Techniques are administ MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Pushrods: Pushrods are used to connect to rocker arm assemblies which, in turn, open and close valves. In this case, the Camshaft is located near the crankshaft. The rotation of the camshaft causes its lobes to MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Pushaway: The initial movement of the ball to get it into motion; some people push the ball directly forward, others slightly push forward and up, others drop the ball into motion. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Pusher: A propeller mounted in back of its engine, pushing an aircraft through the air, as opposed to a TRACTOR configuration. MORE