Business / Internet Marketing / Rank: An ad's standing in comparison to other ads, based on the graphical click-through rate. Rank provides advertisers with information on an ad's performance across sites.

Other Words for Rank

Rank Adjective Synonyms: offensive, loathsome, disgusting, gross, foul, foul-smelling, smelly, rancid, noisome, stinking, reeky, reeking, mephitic, miasmic or miasmal or miasmatic(al), fetid or foetid, noxious, rotten, putrid, musty, stale, disagreeable, strong, pungent
Rank Verb Synonyms: status, standing, position, place, level, stratum, class, caste, circumstances, echelon, grade
Rank Noun Synonyms: line, row, column, queue, series, formation, sequence

Protected Ranking

Entertainment / Tennis / Protected Ranking: A player injured for a minimum of six months can ask for a protected ranking, which will be based on his or her average ranking during the first three months of his or her injury. The player will be a MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Crankshaft: The main rotating shaft running through the length of the engine. As the pistons move up and down, they work together to spin the crankshaft. The rotating motion of the crankshaft is transmitted to th MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / PageRank: A logarithmic scale based on link equity which estimates the importance of web documents. Since PageRank is widely bartered Google's relevancy algorithms had to move away from relying on PageRank and MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Franklin: A medieval profession akin to a cross between a landlord and a real estate agent. In the early medieval political system of feudalism, society was divided theoretically into three estates: (1) knights MORE

Job Ranking

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Ranking: The process of ranking all jobs within the organization in order of importance or worth. MORE

Topic-Sensitive PageRank

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Topic-Sensitive PageRank: Method of computing PageRank which instead of producing a single global score creates topic related PageRank scores. MORE