Business / Internet Marketing / Registration: A process for site visitors to enter information about themselves. Sites use registration data to enable or enhance targeting of ads. Some sites require certain registration in order to access their content. Some sites use voluntary registration. Fee-based sites conduct registration in the form of a transaction (take a credit card to pay for the content). A registered user is a user who visits a Web site and elects, or is required, to provide certain information. Non-registered users may be denied access to a site requiring registration.


Technology / Email / Co-Registration: Arrangement in which companies collecting registration information from users (email sign-up forms, shopping checkout process, etc.) include a separate box for users to check if they would also like t MORE

Registration Statement

Business / Finance / Registration Statement: A legal document filed with the SEC to register securities for public offering that details the purpose of the proposed public offering. The statement outlines financial details, a history of the comp MORE

Shelf Registration

Business / Finance / Shelf Registration: A procedure that allows firms to file one registration statement covering several issues of the same security. SEC Rule 415, adopted in the 1980s, allows a corporation to comply with registration requ MORE