Rep Firm

Business / Internet Marketing / Rep Firm: Ad sales partner specializing primarily in single-site sales.

Other Words for Firm

Firm Verb Synonyms: compact, solid, dense, compressed, condensed, concentrated, rigid, stiff, hard, unyielding, inflexible, inelastic
Firm Adjective Synonyms: steady, strong, sturdy, tight, unwavering, unshakable or unshakeable, unswerving


Technology / Email / Confirmation: An acknowledgment of a subscription or information request. 'Confirmation' can be either a company statement that the email address was successfully placed on a list, or a subscriber's agreement that MORE

Repetition (Rep)

Health / Fitness / Repetition (Rep): One complete motion of an exercise, often used in reference to strength training. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Repetition: Within a form, repetition fixes the musical material in our mind and satisfies our need for the familiar: it provides unity to a form. MORE

Repetition Compulsion

Science / Psychiatry / Repetition Compulsion: In psychoanalytic theory, the impulse to reenact earlier emotional experiences. Considered by Freud to be more fundamental than the pleasure principle. Defined by Jones in the following way: The blind MORE

Repetitive DNA

Science / Genetics / Repetitive DNA: Sequences of varying lengths that occur in multiple copies in the genome: it represents much of the human genome. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Rephaim: The Oxford Companion to the Bible goes into some detail on this term, and I summarize the material from Ackerman's article in this vocabulary entry. Several biblical texts, including Isaiah 26:14 and MORE