Return On Investment (ROI)

Business / Internet Marketing / Return On Investment (ROI): Return on investment = (Revenue - Cost)/ Cost, expressed as a percentage. A term describing the calculation of the financial return on a Internet marketing or advertising initiative that incurs some cost. Determining ROI and the actual ROI in Internet marketing and advertising has been much more accurate than television, radio, and traditional media.

Other Words for Return

Return Noun Synonyms: replace, put back, restore, give back, bring or carry back
Return Adjective Synonyms: exchange, bring back or carry back
Return Verb Synonyms: come or go back, revert, turn back

Return On Investment

Business / Real Estate / Return On Investment: The net annual income divided by the original cash investment equals a percentage return on investment. MORE

Onsen Technique

Health / Massage / Onsen Technique: Onsen is a Japanese word meaning at rest or at peace. It is a state of mind, but can also be a state of body. Developer Richard Phaigh translated it to mean balance, particularly length and strength b MORE

Onside Kick

Entertainment / Football / Onside Kick: A play in which the kicking team tries to recover the kicked ball. MORE