Sig File

Business / Internet Marketing / Sig File: A short block of text at the end of a message identifying the sender and providing additional information about them.

Other Words for File

File Verb Synonyms: document, documentation, dossier, case, data, folder, portfolio, information
File Noun Synonyms: line, queue, column, row, rank


Science / Marine Biology / Sigma: Parameter expressing the seawater density: and equal to 1 minus the density of seawater, measured at a given temperature and at a pressure of l atmosphere MORE

Sigma Bond

Science / Chemistry / Sigma Bond: In the valence bond theory, a sigma bond is a valence bond that is symmetrical around the imaginary line between the bonded atoms. Most single bonds are sigma bonds. MORE

Sigma-T (Ft)

Science / Tides and Currents / Sigma-T (Ft): An expression of density as a function of temperature and salinity (at atmospheric pressure) in a convenient numerical form. See density. Ft = (Ds,t,p – 1)1,000 MORE

Sigma-Zero (Fo)

Science / Tides and Currents / Sigma-Zero (Fo): An expression of density as a function of salinity (at atmospheric pressure and 0°C) in a convenient numerical form. See density. Fo = (Ds,t,o – 1)1,000 MORE


Science / Spiders / Sigillum: (pl. sigilla) An impressed, sclerotized spot, often reddish-brown. Often present on the dorsal surface of the abdomen and marking points of internal muscle attachments. MORE

Sight Draft

Business / Finance / Sight Draft: Hypothetical position referring to noninvolvement in a stock; merely watching. MORE