Splash Page

Business / Internet Marketing / Splash Page: A bridge page between a banner advertisement and an advertiser's Web site that provides product information and hotlinks. Splash pages are replacing many home pages -- particularly on sites more involved with news and publishing -- as gateways into web content. They start with a bigger 'splash,' more graphics and timely information, and change often -- like the cover of a magazine

Other Words for Page

Page Adjective Synonyms: paginate, folio, number
Page Noun Synonyms: leaf, folio, side, sheet, verso or recto
Page Verb Synonyms: announce, summon (forth), send for or after, call, call for, call out

Other Words for Splash

Splash Verb Synonyms: spatter, spray, splatter, sprinkle, spot, stain, smear, smudge, splodge or also splotch
Splash Adjective Synonyms: impression, show, uproar, ado, brouhaha, sensation, commotion, excitement, foofaraw, to-do
Splash Noun Synonyms: spatter, bespatter, splatter, shower, spray, sprinkle, besprinkle, splodge or also splotch, mottle, spot

Landing Page

Technology / Email / Landing Page: A Web page viewed after clicking on a link within an email. Also may be called a microsite, splash page, bounce page, or click page. MORE


Science / Geology / Seepage: The slow movement of water through the pore spaces of a solid material. This term is also applied to a loss of water by infiltration through the bottom of a stream, canal, irrigation ditch, reservoir MORE

Search Engine Reults Page (SERP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Search Engine Reults Page (SERP): Search Engine Results Page. The page searchers see after they've entered their query into the search box. This page lists several Web pages related to the searcher's query, sorted by relevance. Increa MORE