Super Affiliate

Business / Internet Marketing / Super Affiliate: An affiliate capable of generating a significant percentage of an affiliate program's activity.

Other Words for Super

Super Adjective Synonyms: wonderful

Superior Planets

Science / Astrology / Superior Planets: Planets whose orbits are larger than Earth's. The term is sometimes restricted to the three outermost planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Superintendent: (also 'head greenkeeper or greenkeeper') the person in charge of overseeing the golf course maintenance and crew MORE

Superior Vena Cava

Science / Biology / Superior Vena Cava: Blood from the head returns to the heart through this main vein. MORE


Business / Finance / Supermajority: Usually a home financing bond, but also any other bond that has long-term coupons but short maturity; the mortgages may be prepaid, and the holders may receive the long-term yield after a short period MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Supermoto: Generally, a style of motorcycle usually built around, and looking like, off-road machines with street tires. They tend to be very light, flickable machines, and are used in a genre of motorcycle raci MORE

Supermajority Amendment

Business / Finance / Supermajority Amendment: Provision in a company's charter requiring a majority of, say, 80% of shareholders to approve certain changes, such as a merger. MORE